I've given many presentations on my work; often covering specific projects, but also providing an overview of what my daily work entails. I have also given presentations about specific concepts or techniques. Below are some of my presentations.

Digitizing The Book of the Dead

is presentation that I gave with conservator Sara Bisi about the conservation and digitization of papyri fragments in the collection of the John Hay Library. Sponsored by the Preservation Dept. of the Brown University Library and the John Carter Brown Library Watts Program on the History of the Book. [PDF]

Digital Discoveries

is presentation that I gave with Brown University Library Materials Conservator Rachel Lapkin about our work imaging a ceremonial copy of the Brown University charter. A two-page document on parchment, this copy of the charter had been kept in a bank vault in downtown Providence when the "Hurricane of '38" flooded the downtown area, including the vault, for several days. Almost all the ink was washed away, and Rachel and I tried several methods to attempt to trace some of the text by photographing and studying the surface of the parchment. [PDF]


is presentation that I gave for the library about the kinds of imaging that we do in Digital Production Services. I mainly concentrated on the more complicated shoots that I have done; some with more creative lighting and equipment setups, some with especially rare or unusual objects (or both). [PDF]