I have been working in libraries for ten years, concentrating in cultural heritage imaging. This type of photography is very much an intersection of my education (MFA + MLIS), my personal interests (photography + academia), and my professional strengths.

My department at the Brown University Library provides digitization for materials in the library's collections; these are primarily from Brown's extensive special collections, housed at the John Hay Library. These items include rare and fragile books, historical broadsides and ephemera, museum objects, clothing, and furniture. Because I've come to library work from an arts background, I have a different skill set than many of my colleagues. To my great delight and satisfaction, I am often tasked with digitizing the more complicated objects that require special handling, specialized lighting setups, or both.

I have given a number of presentations on my work at Brown, and I have also given presentations as part of my coursework towards my MLIS. Some of these presentations are showcased here, as well as a selection of images that I've made at Brown.